171023 OpenBazaar.org

OpenBazaar is an app which allows folks to sell anything to anyone. Easy to set up a store, easy to browse thousands of stores, easy to make purchases, while prices may be given in your local currency, all transactions are in bitcoin.  You may chat with shopkeepers, follow those that you like, and use key words to find what you’re looking for.  To make a purchase, you enter your address if it requires shipping, the appropriate amount of bitcoin and click send. What could be easier? 

If you’re a merchant you’ll be happy to hear that there are no fees. Since the entire project is open source, developers don’t get salaries or fees. Since payments are in bitcoin, there are no transactional fees, either. You don’t need a merchant credit card account. You just need to provide your bitcoin wallet address. This could be big. 

Let’s say you want to sell a digital photograph to a Facebook acquientence for $25.00. You would set up a store, with or without a thumbnail of the image, and put up the price of $25.00.   You give your friend the name of your store on OpenBazaar so that they can find your store and make the payment. When the payment is received you send the photograph. Transaction completed. Btw you receive the $25 in bitcoin minus a small transaction fee that is common to all bitcoin transactions. There are no other charges at all. Nice.

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