Environmental Protection Act

I, for one, am so disheartened and disgusted with what is happening to the environment these past two and a half years I want to cry, almost daily.  Instead of watching the Trump administration rape and plunder the environment, I propose the following: let’s just write a check and be done with it.  Give a billion dollars to each company that promises not to drill, mine, frack, pump or dump. That’s the idea. They don’t have to lift a finger. In fact, that’s just what we want they to do: nothing at all.  

Why do we have to watch as these companies undo all of the decades of environmental good deeds we’ve accomplished cleaning the air, purifying the lakes, rivers and streams and making our food supply safe?  The only reason those companies do what they do is money. So why don’t we just give it to them, no questions asked, in exchange for them stopping altogether. 

The Exxon-Mobils, Cargills and Kochs get their money and we get to keep the parks, national monuments, fields, rivers and streams.  We get the birds and the honey bees, and the icebergs for another generation or two.

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